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07/09/2017Randy Davis "All In"
Sunday 10:30 Romans 12:1
Download July_9.mp3
06/18/2017Greg McCoy "How to Teach Our Children to Survive in a Dangerous World"
Sunday 10:30 Genesis 37-39 (various verses)
Download June_18.mp3
07/16/2017Randy Davis "Jesus Changes Everything"
Sunday 10:30 Romans 12:1-2
Download July_16.mp3
07/23/2017Randy Davis "Running on Empty"
Sunday 10:30 2 Corinthians 7
Download July_23.mp3
06/25/2017Randy Davis "The Exchanged Life"
Sunday 10:30 John 3:22-30
Download June_25.mp3
02/19/2017Pastor Randall Jackson "The Lord is My Shepherd" (part 2)
Sunday 10:30 Psalms 23
Download February_19.mp3

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