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01/27/2019Whit Chapman Clean House
Sunday 10:30
Download 1.27.19_-_1_29_19_10.20_AM.mp3
01/13/2019Whit Chapman The Ministry Of Deacons
Sunday 10:30
Download January_13_-_1_15_19_10.08_AM.mp3
01/28/2018G. B. Howell The Role of Deacons
Sunday 10:30 Acts 6:1-7
Download January_28.mp3
01/21/2018Dan Garland Guest Speaker
Sunday 10:30
Download January_21.mp3
01/07/2018G. B. Howell We Are The Church
Sunday 10:30 Matthew 16:13-18.
Matt 16 - We Are the Church 1-7-18.pptx Download Matt 16 - We Are the Church 1-7-18.pptx
Download January_7.mp3
12/31/2017G. B. Howell The Eyes of Christmas: The Wise Men
Sunday 10:30 Matthew 2:1-11
Download December_31.mp3

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