Connection Groups

Woman to Woman Connection Group

Youth Connection Group

Rice Connection Group

Rice Connection Group

Witt Connection Group

Witt Connection Group

Witt Connection Group

Senior Men Connection Group

Senior Men Connection Group

Jones Connection Group

Jones Connection Group

Lee Connection Group

Our Connection Groups are designed as the next step for those wanting to connect with our church on a level beyond worship services. This is where we custom fit the church on a more personal level so that you can grow in your faith. We have groups for all ages and life stages where you can build relationships, study and apply God's Word, and reach out to others in ministry.

Connection Groups Listing

Babies led by Charissa Mishu & Frances Jones  in room 100

Toddlers & 2 Year Olds led by Bridget Cole in room 102

3 & 4 Year Olds led by Peggy Connolly in room 104

Kindergarten led by Natasha Walker & Eugenia VanDever in room 106

1st and 2nd Grade led by Deborah Ramsour & Kathy Blackmore in room 103

3rd-5th Grade led by Gina Collins & Keith Blackmore in room 105

Youth (Grades 6--12) led by Quinn & Ashley White in rooms 110 & 111

20's & 30's led by Brandon Witt in room 114

The Institute for Creation Research's "Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis" study led by Chris Carden in the Worship Overflow Room

30's & 40's led by Tim Lee in room 116

40's-60's led by Daryle Jones in room 113

40's-60's led by Charlie Rice in room 115 

Ladies' Woman to Woman led by Donna Hamm in room 117

Senior Ladies Kingdom Builders led by Clydene Marr in room 119

Senior Ladies Gleaners led by Martha Waller in room 109

Senior Men led by Larry White in room 107