Come, Connect & Go

COME- Come To Christ
Because of God's righteousness and because of our sins, we are separated from God. We must have a mediator to enable us to come to God, a door through which to passed from being sinful to being made righteous. The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the only son of God and serves as that mediator and door. The first step in knowing God is to come to Jesus Christ to receive forgiveness of sin and be right with God.

CONNECT- Connect to Believers
God calls us unto Himself through Jesus Christ, but he also calls us into each other in Jesus. As He has loved us, He commands us to love one another and come together to be his body, the church. As we connect with other believers as the body of Christ, we grow in knowledge and character as we become mature children of God. The second step in knowing God is to grow in mental and spiritual understanding with accountability and connection to a local church.

GO- Go to the World
Knowing God ultimately means making His desires your desires. His heart of unconditional love and compassion that invited you to know Him and be forgiven of your sins is the heart He wants to develop in every believer. We are compelled then to serve God with great passion to share his invitation with the entire world. The third step in knowing God is to wholeheartedly show and tell people of the world how they can too can come to Christ, connect to believers and go to the world.